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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett (Great Britain)

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett has earned the reputation of being one of Britain's finest composers and guitarists, an artist who has retained his integrity and yet has enjoyed sales in the millions worldwide.

Line Up:

Steve Hackett - guitar
Roger King - keyboards
Gary O'Toole - drums
Rob Townsend - sax, flute
Nick Beggs - bass
Amanda Lehmann - backing vocals

On Stage: 6
Travel party: 13


Steve Hackett is renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis as part of their classic line up with Gabriel, Collins, Banks and Rutherford, that produced acclaimed albums such as Selling England by the Pound (a favourite of John Lennon). With Steve's extraordinary versatility in both his electric guitar playing and his composing, he involves influences from many genres, including Jazz, World Music and Blues. He is equally adept in his classical albums that include renditions of pieces by composers from Bach to Satie, his own acoustic guitar compositions that have gained the admiration of many, including Yehudi Menuhin, and ambitious guitar/ orchestra albums such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, recorded with the Royal Philharmonic. With Genesis, Steve's guitar playing produced some of the most memorable moments, from the sensitivity of his acoustic sound on Horizons and Blood on the Rooftopsto the dramatic rock guitar solos of Firth of Fifth and Fountain of Salmacis. As he embarked on his solo career he developed his exceptional range, pushing musical boundaries into exciting areas, inventing new sounds and also techniques such as 'tapping'. His solo career went from strength to strength and the mid eighties not only saw the hit single Cell 151, but also the Steve Hackett and Steve Howe super group GTR, highly successful in America. Steve Hackett After GTR Steve worked further with many renowned musicians such as Paul Carrick, Bonny Tyler, John Wetton and Brian May, who has credited Steve as an early influence. Steve went on to produce his hit album Genesis Revisited. He went even further back to his roots with Blues with a Feeling, whilst continuing to challenge his own 'horizons' with an amazingly eclectic mix of sounds, genres and a sense of the exotic that excites his many followers to this day. Recent albums have possessed a high level of sophistication, along with an ever-present powerful dynamic, from the dramatic and atmospheric darkness of Darktown and Wild Orchids to the colourful voyage through time and space of To Watch the Storms. 2009's Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth, written and recorded in the midst of domestic and professional upheaval, was released to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and reviewers alike, many of them proclaiming it his best ever. Steve's live electric gigs take his fans on an extraordinary journey drawn from a rich musical heritage. Perennial Genesis favourites such as the mighty Firth Of Fifth sit alongside solo classics, while more recent material, with much of Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth now included, demonstrate that Steve is an artist still at the very top of his game. Supported by some of the best musicians on the planet, Steve's unique guitar work remains the fulcrum on which this challenging and exhilarating show is balanced. Genesis' induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in March 2010 stands as a testament to the enduring qualities of their music. Never one to rest on his laurels, though, Steve continues to blaze a trail with new material and to be an exhilarating and groundbreaking artist.


1975 Voyage of the Acolyte - Blue Plate
1978 Please Don't Touch! - EMI Gold
1979 Spectral Mornings - Blue Plate
1980 Defector - Blue Plate
1981 Cured - EMI/Virgin
1981 Live - Blue Plate
1982 Highly Strung - Blue Plate
1983 Bay of Kings - Herald
1984 Till We Have Faces - Lamborghini
1988 Momentum - Herald
1992 Time Lapse - Blue Plate
1994 Unauthorized Biography - Alex
1994 Time Lapse Live - SPV
1994 Guitar Noir - Viceroy
1995 Blues with a Feeling - Permanent
1995 There Are Many Sides to the Night [live] - Kudos
1997 A Midsummer Night's Dream - Angel
1997 Genesis Files - Alex Imports
1997 Watcher of the Skies: Genesis Revisited - Alex
1999 Darktown - Import
1999 The Tokyo Tapes [live] - Camino/
2000 Sketches of Satie - Camino
2001 Feedback '86 - Camino
2003 To Watch the Storms - Camino
2003 Hungarian Horizon: Acoustic Live in Budapest - Universal
2003 Somewhere in South America: Live in Buenos Aires - Universal
2004 Genesis Revisited - Snapper Music Group
2005 Metamorpheus - Inside Out Music
2006 Steve Hackett - Disques XXI Canada
2006 Wild Orchids - Inside Out Music
2008 Tribute - Camino
2010 Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth - Wolfwork/EAR Music

YouTube Videos:

Steve Hackett live at Loreley Festival, Germany (2009)

Steve Hackett live in Budapest, Hungary (2004)

Steve Hackett live in Bern, Switzerland (2009)

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