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Spencer Davis Group

Spencer Davis Group (Great Britain)

This rock star from Wales, who created the famed Spencer Davis Group in 1963, has close to twenty top 10 hit songs, including "Gimme Some Lovin", "Somebody Help Me", "I’m A Man", and "Keep On Runnin", helping to bring British rock ‘n roll to the rest of the world. The popularity of his songs live on as he continues to tour throughout the world.

Line Up:

Spencer Davis - guitar, vocals
Miller Anderson - guitar, vocals
Eddie Hardin - organ, vocals
Colin Hodgkinson - bass, vocals
Steff Porcel - drums

On Stage: 5
Travel party: 6


Hailing from Wales, Spencer founded the famed Spencer Davis Group in 1963, producing a dozen top 10 hit songs, including "Gimme Some Lovin", "Somebody Help Me", "I’m a Man", and "Keep On Runnin", helping to bring British rock ‘n roll to the rest of the world. The popularity of his songs live on and Spencer recently accepted an award from BMI in London for over 3 million broadcast performances of "Gimme Some Lovin." Over the decades Spencer's songs continue to live on in movies, such as Tropic Thunder, Big Chill, Mr. Destiny, Days of Thunder, Top Gun, Mr. Holland's Opus, Notting Hill, Iron Eagle, The Blues Brothers, Flight of the Phoenix, just to name a few. Starting out with degrees in modern languages from the University of Birmingham(with fluency in German, French and Spanish), Spencer left his teaching career to begin his music career in Birmingham, recruiting drummer Pete York and brothers, Muff and Steve Winwood. Davis performed on guitar, vocals and harmonica. By the end of 1966, the group had numerous rock hits, including Gimme Some Lovin and I'm a Man, these two songs became their best-known successes, especially in the U.S. Touring with the Rolling Stones and The Who when they were still working clubs, having after-hour drinks with The Beatles, jamming with John Baldry, Charlie Watts and Long and Jack Bruce were heady days for Spencer. When the hits started to come one after the other, his momentum spurred major US success. Moving to America in 1970, Spencer went on to forge a solo career, forming an acoustic blues band, which included Richard Landis (former Juice Newton producer/manager) and Peter Jameson. By the mid-’70s Spencer worked at Island Records (his group’s label) as a record company executive, personally helping to further the profiles of artists like Robert Palmer and Bob Marley. In the early 80's Spencer was head of A&R for a Hollywood-based independent label and the itch to play in a band again was coming back. That’s when he made his next album, “Crossfire”, with guests like Dusty Springfield, Flo and Eddie, and Booker T. Jones. In mid 80's, Spencer was back on the road with his own band, touring America, Europe and the Middle East. Playing with Pete York, plus other British rock legends. By 1987 he was performing well over 100 shows a year. Including guest appearances with the Grateful Dead, Levon Helm, Springsteen's E Street Band, Peter Noone, Downchild, and Alvin Lee. In the early 90’s audiences watched Spencer pick up the pace, criss-crossing through the US and Canada with forays into Europe, including opening for Hall & Oates and the Marshall Tucker Band. In 1993, Spencer united with three other famed musicians to form The Classic Rock All-Stars (Mike Pinera-Iron Butterfly, Jerry Corbetta-Sugarloaf, and Pete Rivera-Rare Earth). The group released a self-titled album together and toured the US, Canada and Japan. Davis left the Classic Rock All-Stars in 1995 and continued touring Europe and the US into 1997. The Spencer Davis Group's popularity in Europe put Spencer on a World Tour with his European members. Spencer then signed a record deal with CMC who released the recording initially throughout Europe, consisting of a mix of new originals and classic hits. The mid 90's also landed him on TV commercials, documentaries, and the TV special, "The History of Rock 'n Roll," as well as a co-starring role in the hit series, "Married with Children." In the Fall of 1996, Spencer teamed up with The World Classic Rockers, comprising of Carmine Appice-Vanilla Fudge, Bobby Kimball-Toto, Denny Laine-McCartney and Wings, Randy Meisner-The Eagles, and Michael Monarch-Steppenwolf. Spencer also contributed to the release of World Classic Rockers-Double CD and toured extensively with them. Throughout 2001 and 2002 the Spencer Davis Group continued entertaining millions with their classic repertoire with marathon tours in the USA, Canada, the UK and the Middle East. 2003 brought Spencer through tours of Italy and Germany, side-stepping into the studio to record three new songs for his new upcoming CD. Early 2004, Davis took to the road again, touring the U.S. and the U.K, including shows in his native Wales homeland. He finished up in the Royal Festival Hall in London with his friends, The Yardbirds before heading back to Hungary and Germany. Spencer then teamed up with the Rock and Roll Army, consisting of Felix Cavaliere, Mitch Ryder, and Rick Derringer. 2006 kicked off with a special guest appearance at David Fishof's "Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp" in Hollywood, followed by a Battle of the Bands at the House of Blues and concert with Roger Daltry. Spencer then released an all-original new CD/DVD, titled SO FAR in the summer of 2006. Followed by a quick foray into The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and ending with an extensive tour of Australia. Currently in 2009, Spencer is embarking an extensive tour throughout the US and the UK, with legendary rock group Animals & Friends. The current line-up of the Spencer Davis Group consists of Tom Fillman on drums, Edward Tree on guitar, Jim Blazer on keyboards and Taras Prodaniuk on bass. Check the concert itinerary and be on the lookout for the band to come your way!


1965 You Put the Hurt on Me - Fontana
1965 Every Little Bit Hurts - Wing
1965 Their First LP - Fontana
1966 Sittin' & Thinkin' - Fontana
1966 Second Album - Fontana
1966 Autumn 66 - Fontana
1967 I'm a Man - United Artists
1967 With Their New Face On - Repertoire
1968 Here We Go 'Round the Mulbery Bush - United Artists
1968 Funky - One Way
1969 Heavies - United Artists
1970 It's Been So Long - United Artists
1972 Mousetrap - United Artists
1973 Somebody Help Me - Island
1973 Gluggo - Repertoire
1974 Living in a Back Street - Repertoire
1978 Keep on Running - Island
1988 Live Together - Inakustik
1988 24 Hours, Live in Germany - Inakustik
1997 Keep on Running [Germany] - Ariola Express
1997 Keep on Running [US] - Rivie're Int'l
2000 Mulberry Bush - RPM
2000 Catch You on the Rebop: Live 1973 - RPM
2002 With Their New Face On - RPM
2004 Live in Manchester 2002 - Angel Air Records
2006 Live at Blues Garage 2006 - Cherry Red
2008 So Far - Fuel 2000

YouTube Videos:

Keep on running live (1967)

I'm a man live (1967)

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