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Ola Onabulé

Ola Onabulé (Great Britain)

Socially conscious singer/songwriter Ola Onabulé has built an enviable career as an international touring performer epitomizing a move towards hearty, sustaining music, made by artisans with a commitment to quality, integrity and real flavor.

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Ola Onabulé

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Onabulé is a charismatic and sophisticated British-Nigerian singer/songwriter who possesses emotional intensity and vocal virtuosity, a poignant storyteller and capacity to cross cultural and musical boundaries with an unflinching lyrical pursuit of truth and justice. Words, melodies, and rhythms walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, on two different continents, during two different periods of time. Onabulé is a rugged individualist, a deeply soulful musician who has absorbed the surround sound of his youth - jazz, world - and incorporated key elements into his distinctive style. He is direct and passionate, confident in his ability to sell a song with conviction. Onabulé has forged an international career via his relentless program of recordings and concerts. He has appeared at many of the most respected international jazz festivals including Montreal, Vancouver, Istanbul, London, Edmonton, Umbria, as well as concert halls and jazz clubs worldwide. His songs about love, loss, and the human condition have been performed all over the world with his quartet/quintet as well as with the Grammy® Award-winning WDR Big Band, the SWR Big Band and other symphonic orchestras. Onabulé's reach is global and he is emerging as a musician's musician, possessing a range and aptitude that place him on that shortlist of special artist andentertainer. His three-and-a-half octave baritone, the powerful emotions he conveys with it, and his elegant appearance connect with audiences around the world. Whether in person or on record, Onabulé gives his all, which includes a thoughtful interpretation of his experiences and the world around him.


1995 More Soul Than Sense - Rugged Ram
1997 From Meaning, Beyond Definition - Award Records
1999 Precious Libations for Silent Gods - Rugged Ram
2001 Ambitions For Deeper Breadth - Proper Records / Rugged Ram
2004 In Emergency, Brake Silence - Rugged Ram
2007 The Devoured Man - Proper Records / Rugged Ram
2011 Seven Shades Darker - Proper / Rugged Ram
2015 It's The Peace That Deafens - Rugged Ram
2019 Point Less - Rugged Ram

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