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Mísia (Portugal)

Mísia is one of the most distinctive and versatile fado voices of the
last 20 years
. Her career is marked by charisma and originality and she is renowned for embracing other cultural influences making her performance into a vocal multicultural theater. In cooperation with: Central European Organisation Sp. z o.o., Warsaw.

Line Up:

Delikatessen shows line up:
Mísia - vocals
plus piano

Fado shows line up:
Mísia - vocals
plus 4-5 Fado musicians

On Stage: 2/5-6
Travel party: 3/6-7


Mísia is a pioneer, a free spirit. Her childhood was spent in Porto, where she fist sang FADO for the working-class audiences that flocked to the casas de fado. Then, as an young adult, she moved to Barcelona, beginning a career of paste gems, feathers and nudity in the legendary cabarets of the Paralelo. After a great deal of experimentation, Mísia, who had not forgotten the revelatory FADO of her teenage years, and the smoky ambiance of dark casas de fado, packed with every kind of audience - decided to come home. She settled in Lisbon with an ambition to perform HER FADO. For the first time in Mísia’s life, she had a very clear idea of what she wanted o do. Her first successes would be abroad: first in Spain and Japan, then in France and Germany. Subsequently, she began to achieve popularity worldwide, embarking on a truly international career. In 1993 she became the second artist after Amália Rodriguez to take FADO to the world’s greatest stages. Since her first album, the public responded enthusiastically. She was unfailingly creative and diverse. Her projects won widespread acclaim and sales followed. Mísia collected award after award. Her second album, “Misia Fado”, was released in Japan, South Korea and Spain. “Tanto menos tanto mais” won the Académie Charles Cros award. “Garras dos Sentidos” sold over 250, 000 copies. For the first time, accordion, violin and piano were heard together in FADO arrangements. On “Paixões Diagonais”, the piano accompaniment was performed by Maria João Pires.


1993 Fado - Ariola
1995 Tanto Menos Tanto Mais - BMG
1998 Garras Dos Sentidos - Elektra
1999 Paixoes Diagonais - Detour Records/Elektra
2000 Misia - EMI Music Distribution
2001 Ritual - Elektra
2003 Canto - Warner Bros.
2005 Drama Box - Naïve
2009 Ruas - Disc Az France/Universal Music
2013 Delikatessen Café Concerto

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